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About Us

Hi, I’m Hanna Groves, CEO and Founder of Divergent Media. After seven years of proud service in Queensland law enforcement, I decided to raise a family and pursue my passion for graphic design and web development.

Working in the digital world for some years, I could see that it was a quickly evolving landscape and became fascinated with the innovation and development going on. As I worked with clients helping them create a digital space for themselves that they could be proud of, I realized that web development was only the beginning of what I could do to facilitate their growth in the digital realm. Through automation, lead generation, website maintenance, reputation management, digital advertising campaigns and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there were a lot of skills and techniques that I could apply to help grow a business. Seeing the profound effect that these techniques had on my client’s websites and their business I decided to offer a holistic approach to digital marketing.

I founded Divergent Media to offer business owners a different product than most digital marketing agencies. I wanted to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to digital marketing that uses all the tools available to help business owners grow and prosper over time through increased visibility, effective communication, and excellent service to their customers. I use a simple three step process that addresses your digital brand, getting customers now and getting customers in the future.

At Divergent Media, we are committed to our client’s growth and success above all else. We take the pain and overwhelm out of tech and your website whilst delivering you more customers. As an entrepreneur myself, I have a unique understanding of what it means to start one’s own business, and the immense benefits it can have. My business allowed me to earn more and spend more time with my family, and I want you to enjoy the same rewarding experience that I have had. I understand the hard work and passion that you’ve put into building and growing your business, and I want to help you enjoy the fruits of your labour.

My hand-picked team of digital marketing specialists, web developers, and writers share that same ethos. I only invite professionals who value customer satisfaction to be a part of the Divergent Media team. We will not rest until you are satisfied and work closely with our clients, keeping in contact every step of the way. Our vision is to help you realize yours. If you would like to know more about the Divergent Media team, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 0428 722 663.


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