Using image and video content to create brand awareness on social media platforms has become the mainstream of social media marketing. 

Getting the right image with the right dimension and size is key to creating a memorable blog, post, or compelling ad. 

Think of your images on social media pages as building legos. Only shapes with corresponding dimensions would fit.

It’s all about matching objects!

It’s that simple if you know what to do.

I will show you how to match images to their respective spaces where they sit on the following social media platforms:

Facebook Image Sizes

Since Facebook constantly updates its design and dimension, the only trick to apply is to always upload high-resolution images and use the recommended file formats for the best results.

Instagram Image Sizes

Instagram supports all dimensions of an image be it horizontal, vertical, or square-shaped, providing you with several image options for your brand. But this can make selecting an image dimension a bit tricky. The following guidelines will ensure a posh display of your images:

Twitter Image Sizes

Getting your images right on Twitter is crucial because Tweets with images get more likes, retweets, and clicks than non-image Tweets. Use the below specifications to improve your visual content on Twitter:

Google My Business Image Sizes

Images on Google My Business are categorized into three types: logo, cover photo, and business photo. The following specs are recommended by Google for these three image types:

YouTube Image Sizes

For your visual content to succeed on YouTube, it must meet the set video requirements. This is important and so is uploading the right size of your profile picture and channel cover. Your channel landing page would be dull and unattractive without your best pictures.

Snapchat Image Sizes

There are over 238 million active users on Snapchat. The chances of gaining large followers and building a strong fan base are limitless with high-quality pictures that meet the requirements.

TikTok Image Sizes

TikTok is the hottest video-sharing app in the world of social media. Even brands have joined the trending app to reach new audiences. Here is what you need to know when it comes to the recommended visual dimensions on TikTok.

LinkedIn Image Sizes

Using images on your Linkedin posts increases your likes, comments, and shares. Follow the recommended image sizes below for the best results:

For Company pages:

For Personal pages:

Pinterest Image Sizes

Over 400 million people use Pinterest. This is where some of the world’s best images are displayed. Pinterest may be used to discover trends, or for inspiration. It is the universe of amazing vertical images.

Tumblr Image Sizes

Tumblr allows users to share anything they want. Make sure you choose an image that matches your page layout and increase your reach by optimizing your images on the mentioned Tumblr banner.


Think of the above specifications as cheats to help you build your Lego with images on the most popular social media platforms. Using them will ensure that your images are well displayed, without resolution issues or the need for cropping.