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Increased Sales Case Study

Get more clients with your website Divergent Media

Website #1

By having a well designed website that clearly outlined what the business offered more consistent bookings were made which increased revenue. The business also noticed that their clientele was prepared to spend a higher amount as well.

Divergent Media how to get more clients with your website

Website #2

This business provides a service either in-house or on location. After completing the website the business noticed more calls locally as well as nationally. When asked “How did you find my business?” the response was – “Your website.”

We Can Do This For You Too!

Your Website Should Be Gathering Quality Leads, Converting Visitors into Paying Customers and Increasing Your Business Revenue

Like a phone number, websites are an intergral part of any business. But unlike phone number, websites have evolved over time and are more than just a glorified digital business listing. Your website can generate quality leads, convert vistors into paying customers and increase your business revenue.

A Website That Explains What You Do And Ensures Visitors Buy From You

Think about it, you only buy items that you think could help you. This is really the problem we solve with a website: we give you the chance to prove that you have the solution for your ideal customer. Here are five quick tips to help get more quality leads from your website:

Here Are a Few of the Websites We Have Created

Not All Websites Are Created Equally…

When comparing websites make sure you are comparing apples with apples. There is so much information out there it’s hard to know or understand what you need to create a website that helps build your business. To begin with lets address cost. A “well oiled” website that helps grow your business will have a number of different elements to achieve your goals. If you pay a bargain basement price than you should expect to receive a bargain basement website. Think about it, do really expect to buy a ferrari for a bargin basement price? The short answer is no. But this doesn’t mean your website has to cost the earth either.

Here are a few elements you should compare when deciding on who to choose as your web developer.

How Does The Process Work?

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Choose your website package. Complete your payment.

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Fill Out The Brief

In order to make your website exactly the way you want it we have some questions for you. This is a great time to let us know about your business, your audience, what your goal is, as well as letting us know about other great websites you have seen and would like to draw inspiration from.

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Review Your Website

Once we’ve received your brief we will start working on your website. We will send you a link so you can review your site and make as many changes as you require (if you require any changes).

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Finalise Your Website

If you require any amendments to your website we will make required edits.

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Your Website is Now Live

Once approved we’ll send your website live for your customers.

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What Our Client’s Are Saying

“Hanna is a very caring person for her clients. Her approach to her works for her clients shows her dedication to their success. Her knowledge is exceptional and I’ve always learned from her. I would highly recommend her for her services.”
Ryota e
Ryota Iwai
Internet Entrepreneur
“What an absolute pleasure it was to work with Hanna. She is a proven professional in the digital marketing field. She has the experience and knowledge to provide results and achieve the rankings and traffic that customers are looking for in their SEO campaigns. Truly impressed and look forward to working with Divergent Media again.”
Bridget e
Bridget Castle
“Hanna is extremely dedicated to her craft, and it shows in the results she gets for her clients. If Hanna decides to bring you on board then be certain that she will exceed your expectations.”
Jabir e
Jabir Mohamed
Lead Generation Specialist
I would highly recommend Hanna to anyone looking for help with their digital marketing. Not only is she a great person, she is also a professional SEO consultant that really knows her stuff. You will be amazed by her level of commitment to her customers and their needs. If you are looking for someone to get your business to the top of Google, then you need to speak with Hanna.”
Brian e
Brian Morrow
Digital Marketing Expert
“If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, your SEO ranking and receive more clients, Divergent Media is an excellent choice. Top notch Digital Marketing Agency with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend.”
Jamie e
Jamie Snodgrass
Rise Atlantic
“When it comes to Digital Marketing & Ranking your website on top of google search results Divergent Media is the Best SEO Team you will come across. They helped me rank one of my site among tough niche. Highly Recommended!”
Siraj e
Siraj Hudda
Top Canada Wed Design
“Hanna is incredibly professional but at the same time listens and cares for her clients. Hanna and her team at Divergent Media are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to SEO and ranking your business at Google #1. I highly recommend partnering with Hanna as she will deliver you results.”
Sergio e
Sergio Antunes
Daily Royalty
“Hanna is incredibly professional but at the same time listens and cares for her clients. Hanna and her team at Divergent Media are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to SEO and ranking your business at Google #1. I highly recommend partnering with Hanna as she will deliver you results.”
Roddy e
Roddy O’Lavery
Social Fusion
“If you are in need of an SEO agency that can get you to the top of the Google search rankings then look no further than Divergent Media. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Hanna is one of the best in the industry. She has deep domain expertise and is a wonderful communicator.”
Jeffrey e
Jeffrey Itl
“Several months ago I decided that I needed to find ways to market my business better and went looking to see what and how I could do this, I ran across a lady by the name of Hanna Groves, as it turns out Hanna does so many wonderful things with the internet and marketing. I got to know Hanna over some weeks and talked to her about how I could improve the profile of my company in the market, we started with simple things flyers etc and from there Hanna has done some simply wonderful work for me and shown me how her professionalism and talent in marketing through web design, social media etc could help and improve the profile of my business. Because the industry I work in is so unique I thought it would make it hard to market myself but Hanna has shown me that someone with the talents nothing is hard and she loves a good challenge (and I have provided that). I truly would highly recommend Hanna to anyone thinking of anything with web design, digital marketing, social media etc Hanna is an amazingly talented lady that would be a great asset to anyone’s business.”
Bill e
Bill Cleary
Mackay Drug Testing Services
“Divergent Media is the Best! They’re extremely professional and knowledgeable marketer. Results were outstanding and well worth the investment. I highly recommend it!!!”
Bahadir e
Bahadir Oguz

Money Back Guarantee

If You’re Not Happy With Your Website We’ll Do Our Best To Fix It! If You’re Still Not Happy Simply Request A Full Money Back Guarantee Within 30 Days Of Delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest variable is the level of the sellability you wish to have on your website. Apart from that we offer some add ons. Check out our packages above.
Yes, we’ve made websites in different languages. Simply send us a question about it and we’ll see what we can do. Major languages are a piece of cake.
No. We offer optional add ons such as different languages, on page SEO, and things of that nature. The prices you see above are what you pay unless you want extras. If you require any additional work outside the scope of works you will be charged an hourly rate. The only cost you will have is a yearly hosting fee once your website is completed.

Your satisfaction is what is important to us. In creative projects, like website creation, it can be difficult to have a client love the work right from the start.  This can be dishartening to the client but we are determined to bring to life your vision. Through open communication we can address any little bump in the road. The most challenging projects often become the best websites we make. If we are unable to create your dream website simply request a refund within 30 days of the project delivery.

Honestly, it depends on how fast you respond to us. If you give us feedback on written content drafts and images within 48 hours you should have a finished website within 3-5 weeks.


Once your website is completed we provide you with training on how to edit your website. We also offer ongoing support packages to help develop your website as part of your digital marketing strategy.

The simple answer is yes.

By refreshing your content and your images not only are you giving your regular visitors something different to look at, you are also letting Google know that you have an active website and business. Ideally, it would be best to create new and regular content on a regular basis which will not only draw in new visitors but deliver value and develop business relationships with exisitng customers.

Feel free to email us any question at and we will get back to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).

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